Our Applications

We offer a diverse range of domain-specific programmable logic devices tailored to various target applications across different industry verticals, addressing multiple performance, power, and area (PPA) requirements


The telecom industry encounters numerous design challenges driven by the swift evolution of technology and standards. The deployment of 5G across various telecom use cases necessitates the development of diverse equipment to meet specific requirements

Advanced technology solutions are crucial for enabling new applications in telecom. Epic Semi’s offerings provide high bandwidth, low-latency, and rapid time-to-market advantages, making them well-suited for addressing the dynamic needs of the telecom sector. Our solutions excel in tasks such as data transmission and conversion, protocol bridging, and packet processing. They are optimally engineered to support both wireless and wireline technologies, including remote radio heads, base stations, backhaul infrastructure, routers, switches, and gateways


The Industry 4.0 revolution is driving a smarter and more interconnected world, with technologies that fulfill high bandwidth and real-time processing demands crucial at the edge

In industrial settings, there’s a growing adoption and expansion of versatile solutions to meet evolving needs. Applications like robotics, computer vision inspection, and predictive maintenance are witnessing increased utilization, alongside maintaining essential roles in traditional applications such as motor control and industrial networking. The adaptability of these solutions allows for customization to accommodate diverse machine-specific protocols, effectively meeting the requirements of end-users across various industries


Autonomous driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) necessitate sophisticated compute and sensor fusion capabilities. Epic Semi’s semiconductor solutions aggregate input from sensors and monitors, utilizing a diverse range of in-vehicle communication protocols tailored for ADAS applications

In automotive semiconductor industries, various applications benefit from adaptable solutions. Infotainment features like navigation systems, headrest-mounted displays, smartphone integration, in-vehicle Wi-Fi, and vehicle performance management and monitoring leverage the flexibility and re-programmability of semiconductor solutions

Data Processing

Data processing applications encompass a wide array of industries, demanding high-performance parallel processing capabilities for tasks such as data ingress and egress, signal processing, packet processing, video processing, compression and decompression, encryption, and beyond

In the semiconductor industry, versatile solutions are increasingly vital for enabling these applications. Solutions offering high performance, parallel processing, low latency, sophisticated networking and memory capabilities, and adaptability are crucial. The architecture of these solutions, coupled with abundant I/Os for efficient data movement upstream or downstream, makes them well-suited for compute and data processing across diverse applications