is the highest-performance commercial domestic RISC-V CPU Core IP that is deliverable. It adopts an 11+ stage and 5-issue pipeline, superscalar, and deep out-of-order execution, and supports standard RISC-V RV64GCBH extensions. It is optimized for the highest performance and frequency, and its SPECint2006 score achieves 9.4/GHz. Dubhe-90 is pre-integrated and verified to ease SoC integration and development with options of single-core, dual-core, or quad-core in a single cluster with memory coherency. It can be widely applied in high-performance computing scenarios and devices, such as data centers, PC, mobile devices, high-performance network communications, and machine learning.


Superior Performance

  • Frequence:2GHz@TSMC 12nm
  • SPECint2006:9.4/GHz

Industry-leading Power and Area Efficiency (TSMC 12nm)

  • Low Power 
  • High Area Efficiency

RISC-V Virtualization Extension

  • RISC-V CPU IP that supports virtualization

Pre-integrated Multi-Core with Memory Coherency Support

  • RISC-V CPU IP that supports virtualization