StarLink-700 IP

StarLink-700 is high-scalable, high-performance interconnect fabric IP supporting cache coherence, enabling the construction of manycore SoC solution

Design Specification:

  • High bandwidth, low power consumption, low latency
  • Support Component Aggregation Layer (CAL)
  • Topology: Mesh
  • Frequency: 1.5 GHz @ 12nm (Reference)
  • Support up to 256 CPU Cores
  • Support up to 128 Fully Coherent Master Nodes (FCM)
  • Support multiple I/O Coherent Master Nodes (CIO)
  • Maximum node count: 12×12
  • Single node supports 2-5 devices
  • Max memory device ports: 40
  • Configurable data path link width: 128/256/512b


Providing NoC with cache coherence

  • Connecting up to 256 CPU cores, IO devices, and DDR, while maintaining cache coherence within the SoC scope

High Performance:

  • Providing a maximum of 512 MB Last Level Cache (LLC) with Snoop Filter, enhancing the efficiency of coherence maintenance modules and memory hierarchy performance.

High scalability

  • Employing mesh NoC to enhance expandability, and a dedicated control NoC to support control command transmission

Low latency

  • Adopting a semi-custom design approach to reduce NoC transmission latency.

Efficient data exchange

  • Supporting CPU and IO devices to share the LLC, simplifying CPU and IO data exchange, and improving performance

Low power consumption

  • Supporting low power consumption technologies such as LLC way shutdown and Architecture Clock Gating

High reliability

  • Snoop Filter and LLC support ECC (SEC-DED, Single Error Correction Double Error Detection)