Intelligent Vision Processing Platform –JH7100 

Equipped with dual-core U74, JH7100 shares 2MB of L2 cache and supports Linux OS. The Epicsemi ISP is compatible with mainstream camera sensors and the built-in image/video processing subsystem supports H265/H264/JPEG codec. With  high-performance, low-power Vision DSP and NNE integrated, JH7100 will make thinking more intelligent and efficient. JH7100 can meet the various real-time visual processing needs of the edge end thanks to the capabilities of various complex image/video processing and intelligent visual calculations.



  • Public Security
  • Industrial Intelligence
  • Smart Home

Key Features

64-bit High-performance RISC-V Dual-core U74 Processor

  • 2MB L2 cache, working@1.2GHz
  • Cache coherence for dual core

Powerful Image and Video Processing System

  • Epicsemi ISP
  • Vision DSP
  • H264/265 Video Codec
  • Display engine
  • MIPI interface

Powerful Deep Learning Processing Engine

  • Epicsemi Neural Network Engine (NNE) (1 TOPS)